Thanks to all who came out to the first annual Hillside Cup. I don’t regret to inform you that it was a success on two fronts. One, we raised about $900 for the youth trip to build a school in Nicaragua and almost as importantly, we old timers took the Cup.

hillside cup

See above remnant of the team that showed those flashy regional players what it means to get an early lead and then smoother the opposition.

Special thanks to:

  • Jeo P for his inspiring culinary excellence.
  • Leo for a shut out performance in the final.
  • Chris B and Rick M for snuffing out any of their offensive challenges.
  • Jimmy D, Stephen S and Brian O (Cup winning goal) for providing the offensive daggers that sent them reeling.
  • Owen M for being our secret offensive weapon.
  • Yours truly for producing the hardest header to miss the net in tournament history (this was the first Hillside Cup).

It was a good time had by all. Hope to see the same cast and more out next year.

Matt Sloots.