Mission Statement

  1. To provide an opportunity for any person to play organized soccer at recreation and competitive levels whenever possible, and to assist participants in reaching their potential through the provision of programs for developing players, coaches and referees in the Town of Almonte and its surrounding area.


  1. A player shall register on a form provided by The Club and pay the required fee prior to participation in any Club activity.


  1. The Club will operate teams at all levels of play, consistent with player registration and competition availability. Players will be assigned to Club teams at the sole discretion of the Club.


  1. Coaches are expected to act with appropriate conduct at all times and in this regard, The Club has adopted the principles of “Fair Play” to assist coaches in understanding what “appropriate conduct” means. The concept of fair play can be defined by five basic principles:
    1. Respect the rules
    2. Respect the officials and their decisions
    3. Respect the opponents
    4. Give everyone an equal chance to participate
    5. Maintain your self-control at all times
  2. Coaches are not responsible for, or expected to provide, transportation of players to and from games or practices. Coaches are not responsible for washing team uniforms. Each player will be given a shirt and pair of shorts at the beginning of the season, which must be returned at the end of the season.
  3. Each coach is provided with a first aid kit, coaches are asked to provide first aid when appropriate. As a guideline, administer first aid as if an injury had occurred to a family member.
  4. Coaches are asked to distribute at the beginning of the season and collect at the end of the season, Club owned equipment. See “Equipment” section for more details.


  1. The Club uniform consist of green and white striped shirts, black shorts and green, black or white socks. The Club crest will be emblazoned on the left breast of the shirt and a number on the back. The Club will provide jersies, with shorts and socks provided by player. Jerseys must be returned at the end of each season. Variations to the uniform, for example, colours, sponsors names, must be approved by the Executive Committee. The Club will provide alternate uniforms for its park soccer program each year. This uniform will consist of a coloured tee shirt only which the players will keep.


  1. In addition to the uniforms described above, The Club will provide the following.
    1. Club Referees:
      1. Regulation shirt, shorts, socks
      2. Linesman flags
      3. Whistle and lanyard
      4. Rule books
      5. Card and note paper wallet
    2. Club Coaches (not including Park Soccer):
      1. 10 practice balls
      2. 1 game ball
      3. 10 cones
      4. Rule books
      5. First aid kit
      6. Whistle and lanyard
      7. Goal nets (regular soccer only)
      8. Corner flags
  2. All equipment remains the property of The Club and may be requested returned at any time. All equipment must be returned to The Club at the end of each season.


  1. Player, team and team official discipline for game infractions will be handled in accordance with the procedures published by the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association.
  2. Players, teams and team officials are solely responsible for any fines levied against them by the League organizations in which they play. Any member who infringes the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of The Club, or brings The Club into disrepute, may be reprimanded, suspended or expelled from The Club after a hearing by the Executive Committee at which the member may attend at the members discretion.


  1. Any member may request the Executive Committee to settle a dispute by submitting, in writing, to the Executive Committee, the nature of the dispute and to request a hearing of all concerned. The hearing will be heard by the Executive Committee within fourteen days from receipt of the request.

Obligation of Members

  1. Members are required to abide by the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of The Club.

Obligation of The Club

  1. To ensure that all members are aware of, and in compliance with, the constitution, rules and procedures of the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association.