The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Board of Directors approved implementation of the Volunteer Screening Policy for competitive coaches prior to the start of the 2003 season and for recreational coaches prior to the start of the 2004 season. This policy was approved by The OSA Membership at the November 2001 Annual Meeting. All Soccer Clubs in the Province of Ontario must comply with these deadlines.

Almonte Soccer Club (ASC) accepts its significant responsibilities to its vulnerable clients. The ASC owes a duty of care to its clients, to staff and to the community. Acceptance of this duty will be reflected in all Club programs, services and activities, as well as in its policies and procedures.

The ASC recognizes that some of the positions in the Club are of significant trust. People applying for and undertaking positions of trust will be subject to more intense initial and ongoing screening and supervision than individuals in placements, which are not positions of trust. This screening process will be comprised of a variety of measures and may include a Police Reference Check (PRC). All volunteers/employees will be required to participate in an orientation that will introduce duty assignments as well as relevant club policies and expectations.

ASC will not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, race, sex, marital status, etc., unless there is a bona fide reason related essentially and explicitly to the position being applied for, and will do so with due consideration for the need to accommodate applicants where possible.

Over the next several years the club will be updating job descriptions to identify the level of contact with children and associated risk of each position. All volunteers who are involved with soccer teams must submit to a PRC. The volunteer positions requiring this level of screening include coach, trainer and team manager.

More information about the OSA Volunteer Screening Policy, the Volunteer Screening Manual and the Terms of Reference for each affected position are available at http://www.soccer.on.ca under the Publications button.

Screening Details

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions, within the last five years, or charges pending for certain offences will not be accepted for a direct service position with vulnerable clients. These offences include, but are not limited to the following…

  • Outstanding convictions or charges pending for criminal driving offences, including but not limited to impaired driving.
  • Outstanding convictions or charges pending for drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act or its predecessor.
  • Outstanding convictions or charges pending for any violent offence, whether or not it involved weapons.

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions or charges pending for the following offences will not be considered for a direct service position.

  • Physical or Sexual Assault.
  • Child abuse.
  • Fraud.

Current prohibitions or probation orders forbidding the individual to have contact with children under the age of 14 will also result in the applicant to being rejected.

Applicants may be rejected as a result of other information gained during the police records check process or through the screening process as a whole, or as a consequence of other factors. Closed investigations that did not lead to conviction or charges will not be considered as reasons for rejection.

It should be noted that every volunteer once accepted, is obliged to inform the appropriate Club Executive if he or she is charged, tried or convicted of any offence under the Criminal Code or under other provincial or federal statutes, if that offence is relative to a position of trust held by the individual.

Following initial appointment to a position within the ASC which requires a police record check, no additional police record checks will be required as long as the volunteer continues to serve with the ASC without interruption, season to season.

The ASC will accept a completed PRC by an applicant providing it was conducted within the last four months. The original form with the OPP crest in the top left corner must be submitted to the Club in a sealed envelope addressed to:


Director – Volunteer Screening

Screening Procedure

The OPP at Perth (for Mississippi Mills and Lanark residents) will conduct a PRC for anyone who wants to obtain their own documentation. Below are the process details…

At Carleton Place OPP…

  • Complete a Volunteer Police Reference Check form
  • Show proof of ID (see below) and submit your form there
  • CP OPP will send to Perth OPP where the actual check will be carried out
  • Check back with CP OPP in about a week and (if received) pick up results

At Perth OPP…

  • Appear in person (by appointment), Perth OPP, Lanark County Detachment, Perth
  • Complete a “Consent to Disclosure or Personal Information” form
  • 2 pieces of ID – one must contain photo – both must contain full name and date of birth
  • No fee required if position of volunteer does not receive money payment… otherwise a fee of $5-$10 may apply
  • Turnaround time could be up to 48hrs unless you pre-arrange an appointment, in which case it is done “while you wait”
  • Office hours MON-FRI, 8:30am – 4:30pm

If the volunteer would rather allow the D-VS to obtain the PRC then the following procedure applies…

  • An invitation email to all coaches for the Coaches Meeting will include instructions to bring a pen and photocopies of two pieces of ID. A list of acceptable ID includes Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport, Blood Donor Card, and Outdoors Card. Do not accept Health Cards or Credit Cards as a form if ID.
  • At the coaches meeting, or before commencing coaching duties with the players, the volunteer must complete the “Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information” form and submit to the D-VS together with the date of the first planned activity with the children.
  • The D-VS will have a list of all coaches who will require a PRC. The Director will bring sufficient copies of the PRC forms, instructions to allow coaches to fill out and sign the paperwork, and a stapler to attach their 2 pieces of ID.
  • Provide two current pieces of identification, both pieces containing full name and date of birth, one of the pieces of ID with a photograph. Photocopies are acceptable but all information on them must be legible.
  • These forms will be collected before the end of the meeting and submitted in a batch to the OPP with a cover letter explaining what they are for and providing contact information for the D-VS so that they can be picked up or mailed back to the Club when the PRCs are done.
  • Returned consent forms will be date stamped confirming the screening activity is complete and will contain one of two possible notifications:
    • If the PRC is returned from the OPP indicating “No Record” then the volunteer has passed the PRC portion of their volunteer screening. The date of the check will be noted in the registration database.
    • If the PRC is returned from the OPP indicating “Documentation will be sent to the applicant noted in your inquiry” then the D-VS will contact the volunteer informing them that the PRC check may not be acceptable. Note that the details of the Police findings are not revealed to the D-VS or any other member of the ASC, those details remain at the Perth, OPP.
  • In both of the above response cases, the D-VS will contact the applicant to inform them of the result of the PRC procedure.
  • In order to continue with the volunteer application to the ASC the individual is responsible to obtain a clear PRC or make a confidential disclosure to the D-VS as to the specifics of a PRC should there be findings. At no time will the ASC take a copy of any findings. Declining to provide the disclosure to the D-VS (in the absence of a clear PRC) will terminate the volunteer application with ASC.
  • The date a PRC was completed will be kept on electronic file with the volunteer information. No other details of a PRC will be kept in electronic files. If the PRC is rejected for any reason, the electronic status of the volunteer in the files will be held at “PRC required” or “PRC not required” as appropriate.