Equipment and uniform kits will be distributed to teams through their coaches, or a team manager.


In early May of every year, pick-up times will be assigned by the Club for each GLSL, OCSL and ERSL team to get the following items for the season. Check the calendar for pick-up times and locations.

  • Coaches bag: contains first aid kit, keeper jersey & gloves, pinnies, corner flags (rigid type for ERSL teams) and game ball(s).
  • Bag of practice balls and cones: refer to your league rules to ensure that you take the correct ball size.
  • Uniforms: Coaches can pick up a bag of jerseys, sized/numbered & labelled for your team.

On pick-up there will be a short inventory form to complete.  Also, on the form there are a few questions regarding the quality/quantity of equipment, and the quality/sizing of uniform kits.  Please give feedback regarding equipment and uniform issues to the Equipment Manager. Feedback will help the Club going forward. There is a small amount of stock equipment if you need additional supplies – please contact the Equipment Manager if you need additional equipment.


Every September, drop-off times & locations will be posted on our website. Please note that the jerseys, shorts and socks do not need to be returned, though you may drop off unwanted uniforms at The Hub (118 Mill St.), and they will be appreciated in developing countries.