Hi Almonte Soccer Coaches and Managers.

MVP Sports Photography will be organizing team photos for the 2016 Almonte Soccer Season. Visit our website for instructions on how to book and prepare your team for Photo Day. We will be set up at the Civitan Soccer Fields on the following dates:

  • Monday, June 6
  • Tuesday, June 7
  • Wednesday, June 8
  • Thursday, June 9
  • Friday, June 10
  • Saturday, June 11
  • Sunday, June 12
  • Monday, June 13
  • Tuesday, June 14
  • Wednesday, June 15
  • Thursday, June 16
  • Friday, June 17

Coaches are required to select their team Photo Day date and contact Mark Webster at mark@mostvaluableplayer.ca ON OR BEFORE May 31st. Please send us the following information:

  • Team Name:(     )
  • Team Level: (     )
  • Coach’s Name: (     )
  • Coach’s Phone Number: (     )
  • Coach’s/Manager’s E-mail:  (     )
  • Date you prefer at Civitan Soccer Field: (     ) see above available dates
  • NOTES FROM THE COACH if applicable: (     )

HOW TO PREPARE YOUR TEAM:  We will contact you with with a specific time to be at the field and ready for your photos. We are scheduling 8 teams per night at 15 minute intervals from 6 pm to 8 pm. If you have a time preference please let us know. If we can do so we will do our best to schedule you at or as close to your preferred time as possible. Teams are booked on a first-come basis.

Parents and players are required to download and complete their own order form which is available on our website at www.MostValuablePlayer.ca   (Coaches or managers may choose to download the form and print copies for the parents/players and distribute them to your team prior to the Photo Day.  The more prepared your team is for Photo Day the better your experience will be.)

Parents may review our products online at the website.

We will deliver the photos back to the club within two weeks of the final Photo Day.

Hope you have an excellent soccer season!  We’ll take some great memento photos for your coaches and players.

Mark Webster