Dear ASC Members:

As you are probably aware the Women’s World Cup 2015 is coming to Ottawa, Canada next June. Almonte Soccer Club has received special discounted  pricing for this event  and  would like to pass these rates along to our members.

Please confirm by Tuesday September 9th  if you are  willing to purchase  discounted Stadium Passport(s) for this event (total of nine games  on six  dates in June  2015). Payment will be required in the next two  weeks. If so please email with the number of passports and category.

Details below:  stadium map, price  categories, and applicable fees


Category Stadium Passport Price incl. taxes(based on a 30% group discount – 40 or more passports )
1 $396(no group discount)
2 $277
3 $179
4 $116

New Stadium Seating Map

Seating Map


Please note that each Stadium Passport will incur $24.00 in applicable fees, regardless of Stadium Passport price.  Please note taxes are included in the base price of the Stadium Passport.  For each credit card purchase (regardless of the number of Stadium Passports purchased at the time) an additional fee of $5.50 will apply.



Brian O’Connell

President – Almonte Soccer Club