Now that soccer season is in full swing we wanted to mention a few housekeeping things to ensure the safety of everyone involved & enjoyment of the sport.

Parent/Guardian in attendance at all times – A reminder to all parents/guardians that if your child is under the age of 15 years old you must remain at the field (or designate another parent) for the entire time that your child is on the field (game or practice).  If you are designating another parent to be responsible for your child because you need to be elsewhere, please ensure you let your coach know who that person is so that in the event of an emergency they know who to go to.  Due the dynamic nature of the sport & the ratio of adults to kids the coach’s attention cannot be drawn away from the entire team for an extended period to assist one child – your coaches do not have authority to provide medical care/instruction should it be required.  While we understand & respect that some families have more than one child playing on different fields at the same time, if you are going to be away from the field where your child is playing/practicing, please ensure that your child/the coach/another parent, knows where you are and is able to find you should the need arise.

Proper use of equipment/respect of coaches & other players – It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of young players who are using the equipment (balls/nets) unsafely or in a disrespectful manner and/or acting inappropriately at practices/games (i.e. swinging &/or climbing on the nets, roughhousing on the sidelines, using abusive language/not following the direction of the coach(es) etc).  Kindly remind your child that it is unsafe for them to be hanging or climbing on the nets, if they wish to use team balls to play with during a sibling’s practice/game please ask the coach & ensure the ball is returned afterwards & kindly remind your child that his/her coach(es) are volunteering their time for his/her benefit in order that he/she can play this sport  – please respect the coach & the other players on the team by listening & participating.  A child who continues to disrespect the coach/team or act unsafely will be asked to leave the field/bench & return to their parent/guardian. (*The same applies to referees during games – respect from players/parents & coaches is necessary for everyone to safely enjoy the game.)

Parent location during games/practices – A friendly reminder that all parents/siblings/extended family should be on the opposite side of the field from the players – particularly during games but also during practices – this minimizes the distractions available for your child & allows your coach to better ensure they have your child’s focus & attention.

Thanks very much for your assistance & co-operation with this throughout our season!

Have a great day!

ASC Board