Due to low enrolment (not weather) we will be POSTPONING our up coming Coaches training and info session set for NEXT Sat. March 29th 

We have rescheduled it to Sat MAY 3rd  (same time and place ) 

We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! I realize everyone’s calendars are full and rebooking will not be easy for some. However we have only 7 of the estimated 50 coaches needed. So… lest we need to run this training session TWICE for late comers, we have decided to run it on a later date HOPING to have a significant larger number of coaches able to attend.

Again- I can not emphasize enough how much we depend on volunteer coaching to make our program run. 

Here is who we have committed to coaching this year and the many places needed.

The teams in red are the teams with NO COACHING (thus far) and therefore will be UNABLE to FEILD a TEAM!

Alamos GLSL u08b-1
Argos GLSL u08b-2
Atomics GLSL u08b-3
Angels GLSL u08g-1
Antelopes GLSL u08g-2
Astros GLSL u08g-3
Ajax GLSL u10b-1
Archers GLSL u10b-2
Ambush GLSL u10b-3
Acorns GLSL u10g-1
Anacondas GLSL u10g-2
Aces GLSL u10g-3
Aurora GLSL u12g-1
Alpines GLSL u12g-2
Aztecs GLSL u12b-1
Avros GLSL u12b-2
Allies GLSL u15b-1
Advance GLSL u15b-2
Athenas GLSL u15g-1
Arrows GLSL u15g-2
Avengers GLSL u18b-1
Armada GLSL u18b-2
Ares GLSL u18g-1
Action GLSL u18g-2
Alliance GLSL u18g-3


AGAIN – COACHES and MANAGERS INFO and TRAINING SESSION –rescheduled it to Sat MAY 3rd  (same time and place ) 

Sat. MAy 3rd – 9AM-12NOON

Hillside Reformed Presbyterian Church

273 Almonte St, Almonte

Sincerely, Matt Dyck

ASC, Club (rec) Head Coach